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ref. Giovanna Buoninfante

  Commercial Unit - Dossier, Analytical Studies (Chemical - Physical), Ecotoxicology and in Vitro Toxicology GLP Studies

ref. Cristina Marchiori

  Analytical (Chemical-Physical) GLP Studies Unit

ref. Stefano Garofani

  Ecotoxicology and in vitro Toxicology GLP Studies Unit 

ref. Maria Chiara Neri

  Dossier Unit
ref. Sandro Marroncelli

  GLP Quality Assurance Unit

ref. Eleonora Zennaro

  Commercial Unit -  Food & Ecology

ref. Mara Soffientini

  Chemistry Unit – Food&Ecology

ref. Fausta Giuffré

 Microbiology and Genetics Unit – Food & Ecology, Biocides, Agrochemicals

ref. Silvia Colombo

Technical Consultancy Unit - Food Area

ref. Stefania Galeazzi

ISO 17025 Quality - Assurance Unit

ref. Lucia Chiappetta

  Billing and Suppliers Orders Office

ref. Marinella Spera

  Regulatory Office

ref. Carlotta Casalegno

ref. Alessia Spina

Chemservice agent in China: IGW FIRST CHEMICAL (SHANGAI) Co., Ltd.

ref. Mrs. Ina Cui

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