OUR Services

ChemService S.r.l. Controlli e Ricerche, leading company in Italy, is equipped to offer its customers a full service in testing and consulting.


  • Drafting and filing of registration Dossiers for plant protection products, biocides, chemicals (REACH) and cosmetics (PIF).

  • Equivalence Dossiers for alternative sources of technical products.

  • Assessment of human risk (risk for the operator, residents and consumers) and assessment of  environmental risk.

  • Models for environmental fate and distribution (FOCUS, etc).

  • Data-gap analysis and development of testing and registration strategies.

  • Use of alternative methods (in-vitro testing, QSAR, Read Across).

  • Study monitoring on complex studies (radio- marked usage, operator’s exposure studies, determination of leaf residues).


Food consulting

  • Implementation of self-monitoring systems (HACCP): drafting of self-monitoring manuals and analytical plans, inspection and surveillance on correct self-monitoring implementation.

  • Drafting of reports to Monitoring Authorities.

  • Assistance in setting up and analysis of samples taken by Official Organizations.
  • Assistance for official product marking: suppliers’ audits, technical specifications and purchasing requirements, purchasing specs and sample assessment.
  • General legal counsel: opinion on legal interpretation of legislation connected with sale, production and marketing of food products.

  • Drafting of briefs and pleadings concerning management disputes (labelling issues).

  • Training courses at manufacturers and/or large distribution organisations.

  • Product shelf life: analytical plan layout, drafting of final reports.

  • Setting up and drafting of sampling plans.



  • Scientific consultancy to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).
  • Participation in EU Tenders for new Laboratories' set up.

Analytical services

  • Development and validation of Analytical Methods on raw materials/technical products, formulated products, impurities, food, nutritional supplements and environmental matrices.

  • GLP 5 batch Analysis on technical products.

  • Experience on a wide range of products (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides) commercially relevant in the EU, the US, Brazil and Argentina.

  • Screening of impurities, UV, IR, NMR, MS ( 3D spectra).

  • Knowledge of specific requirements for the EU, the US, Brazil and Argentina.

  • Synthesis or separation of impurities in technical products.

  • Analytical tests, spectra (UV, IR, MS, NMR),  chemical-physical  analyses and stability tests on raw materials, technical products, formulated products, plant protection products, biocides, veterinary products, food, nutritional supplements, environmental matrices  and chemicals (including SVHC analysis in compliance with REACH regulation).




  • Microbiological tests and analyses on  raw materials/technical products, formulated products, plant protection products, biocides, cosmetics (Challenge Test),  veterinary products, food, nutritional supplements, and environmental matrices.



  • Allergens, OGM, species recognition.



  • Ecotoxicological studies with aquatic and terrestrial organisms , biodegradability tests on all products, methods' validation for the analytical check.


TEST IN VITRO - Toxycology in vitro

  • Test in vitro of skin irritation and corrosion according to OECD 439 and 431 on all matrices  (cosmetics, biocides, plant protection products, etc.).
  • Test in vitro di irritazione e corrosione oculare in accordo a OECD 492 (EpiOcular) e 437 (BCOP) su tutte le matrici  (cosmetici, biocidi, fitofarmaci, etc.).